Singing – Art, Healing, Silence

“There is a subtle mystery
in each of the movements and sounds of this world.
The initiate will capture what is being said
when the wind blows, the trees sway,
water flows, flies buzz,
doors creak, birds sing,
or in the sound of strings or flutes,
the sighs of the sick,
the groans of the afflicted …”

– Ali al-Khawas (9. Jh.) –

Creation sings. Its song is described by the mystics of many traditions. Some of this can be sensed in the songs of many of our world cultures. Singing can combine the deep yearning to voice one’s inner truth with the different aspects of being human.

In many ethnic communities singing is a natural and integral part of living together. There has been a painful loss of this dimension of human exchange in the West and we are just rediscovering the beneficial effect of singing together.

When we become aware of how every sound, every word, every song moves and transcends the entire body, we can nourish ourselves and others through conscious singing and speaking. This quality of vocal vibration can create a lively exchange.

Can we create a place, where meeting each other through singing – without excess focus on perfection, meeting expectations and high level artistic achievement, but also without lowering the tone – is possible? A place where we can experience with great honesty and a reverent sense of the divine, that we are vibrating together in a great and vivid chord.