Imke McMurtrie is inspired by the range and depth of song by which various communities keep alive the promise of the soul, especially where silence is imposed and language censored but singing lives on…

Imke McMurtrie gives voice to songs of grief and joy, yearning and fulfilment from a wide range of cultures – from the East, India and Afghanistan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, Syria, Marocco to the song tradition of the West. She accompanies herself on ethnic instruments: the Indian Tanpura, the Dombra from Kasakhstan, the Rebab from Central Asia, the Changi, a Svanetian harp from the High Caucasus and the Mediterranean frame drum.
She creates her concert programmes specially according to the event.

Apart from solo-performances, she is leading the choir “Femmes Vocales” with traditional ethnic songs and she sings with the Georgian polyphonic trio Santeli

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